How Is That Book Coming Along?

Funny, you should ask! Getting close to publication day! Rocking Like It’s All Intermezzo: 21st Century Psalm Responsorials. Resource Publications, 2019. So… I’m squeaking the publication of my first book into this decade, after all.

I’ve had my doubts. Despite a few encouragingly close calls to publish other manuscripts, this one is in a printing queue somewhere. Thanks to the concerted efforts of many people, some of whom I know, but most of whom I’ve never met, it’s happening within the month.

I had my first peek at the cover this week. Designed by Shannon Carter of Wipf and Stock. I’d been wondering what “rocking” image she would build on, and it’s a storm-tossed sea. Perhaps she took her inspiration “Paths” (Psalm 77. 19):

All of which is to say, Lord:

On these great waters of Yours,

how do I not drown?

Unless I hear otherwise, I’m going with that.

And even better, the incomparably-voiced Deborah T. Mazzone will be reading the poems for an audiobook, to be released simultaneously with the publication of Rocking as a paperback and ebook. She will add dramatic depth to what are now words on a page. I am very grateful for her willingness to do this—and excited to hear the finished product!