Can You Give It a Rest?

Yes, and no. But let’s listen to our man of the month, William Butler Yeats who is all over the Internet as saying, We are happy when for everything inside us there is a corresponding something outside us. I will have to read more to find out where he said or wrote this, but I can say that I’m intrigued with the gist of the statement. Certainly not everything, but many things!

So, while in recent posts, I have been sharing my distress over what I regard as church hypocrisy- treachery - whatever (I won’t get going again), this is not the whole of my religious and spiritual experience. I have been writing Responsorials to the Psalms for a long time, as part of my prayer practice. Little by little, many of them (after a lot of non-prayerful editing!) have been printed in publications whose editors I am most grateful to. But it was always my hope that I could publish a collection of them. They make more sense, when they can be seen as a whole and can play off one another.

I finally have a publisher willing to put out a collection of them titled Rocking Like It’s All Intermezzo: 21st Century Psalm Responsorials. Resource Publications of Wipf and Stock. I have the contract and all the marketing questionnaires etc. etc. It is a daunting new step. But I am happy and, did I mention, a wee bit scared? Something inside of me will soon have a corresponding something outside.